Walk of the Gods – A Photographer’s Guide

The hike itself, named ‘The Walk of the Gods’ also known as the ‘Path of the Gods’ is world-famous, and one of the most stunning views of the Amalfi coast. The 6km walk from Bomerano to Nocelle offers a birds-eye view of the Amalfi coastline. On a clear day, the isle of Capri can be seen. Take a journey with an Australian photographer through this awe inspiring landscape.
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A European Love Story – Venice

Today’s blog post is for those of you that dream of spending time in the beautiful city of Venice. This was my next stop for ‘A European Love Story’, where I spent a wonderful day with Will and Jordan, who requested Venice as their site to join me on this journey. If I close my eyes I can still feel the warmth from the sun beating down on the cobblestone pavements, the sound the boats make as glide through the turquoise green water. If you get close enough to a bar, the smell of a fresh espresso wafts through the air.
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