Why was my photo cropped

Why has my photo been cropped?

Have you ever had a photo printed and wondered “Why has my photo been cropped?” Cropping is the removal of outer areas from an image. The process usually consists of the removal of some of the peripheral areas of an image to remove unwanted areas from the picture, to improve its framing, to change the…

where should I get my photos printed

Where should I get my photos printed?

Many of my clients ask me for my recommendation as to where they can get their printing done for the 4×6 and 5×7 inch prints from the digital files they have from their wedding or family photoshoot. As a specialist fine art printmaker, I either print myself or work with professional print companies (that only…

Walk of the Gods

Walk of the Gods – A Photographer’s Guide

“Oooh, be careful cara mia, The Walk of the Gods is very pericoloso… is very dangerous. Just last week a lady died on the same walk. Maybe, is not the best choice for you to do these days”. This warning from a slightly odd, middle-aged lady working at the hotel in Positano was just the…


Venice – A Photographer’s Guide

Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go. – Truman Capote The streets are water and the cars are boats. Ancient buildings stand as a grand backdrop for an endless array of little shops selling modern touristy knick-knacks. People are everywhere. Even knowing this, knowing exactly why Venice is so…

Silhouette and sunset in Florence

Travel Photography Equipment Part 1 – What I Pack & Why

Friends and family constantly ask me what camera equipment they should take when travelling overseas. The answer is different for every person due to their skill level, their interest in photography, and their budget. Hopefully by explaining what equipment I, as a professional photographer take when I travel overseas and more importantly why I take…

paris pre-wedding locations

Top 5 Pre-Wedding Photo Locations in Paris

So you decided to have your pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris. But what locations should you choose. Here I share some of my favourite Paris pre-wedding locations. The best location for a Pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris is usually determined by where to find the best light, avoiding tourists, and including iconic landmarks into your photos. These…

wedding venues sydney blog post tittle

Top 105 Wedding Venues in Sydney

This is the ultimate guide to finding your wedding venue in Sydney. Everything from beaches, to gardens, classical venues, modern and trendy, and some truely unique wedding reception venues are covered in our top 105 Sydney Wedding Venues. How to Select a Wedding Venue Picking a wedding venue can be an exhausting task. So many…

groom waits patiently whilst bride is in the distance behind him at the Lord Howe Island cemetery

The First Look in Detail – Q and A

Q&A with Kirsten and Damien gives you a great insight into how wonderful a First Look Experience is. SHE SAID Had you ever heard of a first look prior to Samantha Ohlsen suggesting it? No Why did you choose to do a first look?  I liked the idea of being able to meet up beforehand…

Lavender Bay Wedding - Luna Park Reception

Sydney Harbour Wedding

Sydney Harbour Wedding Sydney brought out a beautiful Autumn day for us, and between the unseasonably warm weather and the relatively cloudless sky, it was absolutely perfect. Lavender Bay is a perfect Sydney wedding ceremony location, with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the beautiful surrounds of Clark Park. The reception was to be…