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How To Get Great Wedding Photos – Part One – Before The Wedding Day

Decide on the type of images and style of photography that you want. What style of shots are you looking for on your wedding day? Do you only want candid photos or something a little more formal? I find that most brides want a combination of both posed and candid shots to get a good mix of photos without spending all day smiling at a camera.
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How To Get Great Wedding Photos – Part Two – Getting Ready

Getting ready is a big part of a wedding day, and this time can produce some beautiful images of you and your bridal party and family. Whether you are getting ready at home or in a hotel make sure you have a done a quick tidy up prior to the wedding day. Clear any clutter, clean mirrors and tabletops as these can be used for some great reflection shots.
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How To Get Great Wedding Photos – Part Three – The Ceremony

When you hire a professional photographer you need them to get all the critical, must have photos. These include you walking down the aisle, your first kiss, and many more. In a world where everybody owns a camera, be it a fancy DSLR, a point and shoot, or a phone or tablet camera.Unfortunately, many photographers are unable to get these photos when guests at the wedding endeavor to take their own happy snap of the event blocking the view of the photographer.
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How To Get Great Wedding Photos – Part Five – The Reception

In Part 5 of this series we deep dive into getting amazing reception photos. Reception photos often begin with detailed shots of the reception venue before your guests arrive, the arrival of the bridal party, cocktail hour, the speeches, cake cutting, additional portraits, group shots, first dance, father daughter dance, dance party time, garter toss, bouquet toss, and finally your grand exit.
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How To Get Great Wedding Photos – Part Six After The Wedding

In our final blog post on this series of How to Get Great Wedding Photos we look at what to do with great wedding photos (digital files) after the wedding. If you have been given the digital files, what should you do with them to ensure the memories of your wedding day are safe for generations to come.  We cover topics such as backing up the files through to print, wedding albums and Thank You cards.
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Their Wedding Photographer Didn’t Turn Up To The Wedding!

Melissa and James were married four years ago and disaster struck when their wedding photographer did not show up to their wedding! Karen Alsop from Emerald Eye Photography in Victoria decided to help utilise a wedding photography retreat to allow James and Melissa to finally get the wedding photos they deserved.
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