There is nothing more romantic than a Paris Pre-wedding photoshoot, and the Louvre was our beautiful backdrop for Ji-Eun and Justin’s pre-wedding photos. The City of Light turned on a beautiful sunset and stunning twilight to make this a perfect day for our couple.

Ji-Eun and Justin met the old-fashioned way – they were introduced to each other by their parents. It had been more a suggestion on their parts than familial obligation, but there was a lot of awkwardness felt by both of them at first.

She lived in Korea and he lived in France, how could they possibly make this work? Strangely enough, it was technology that made the circumstances less awkward for them. They started communicating via e-mail for nearly two months, slowly but surely overcoming the initial embarrassment through the transmission of our words.

Then one day, work brought her to Paris. The first actual meeting didn’t start on the best foot  (she was jet-lagged and he showed up a bit late), but they were lucky enough to get a second chance when she decided to return to Europe a month later on holiday. After that, they were exchanging e-mails almost daily. After a few more trips back and forth, they got married exactly one year after they first met, in Seoul with a small ceremony in front of family and close friends.

Months later, they’re now living together in Paris; and Ji-Eun said “to be given the opportunity to share our story through photography in this city where we first met each other was simply wonderful. It goes to show you how unpredictable life can be, but that sometimes it’s worth to embracing that unpredictability no matter how uncomfortable because you just never know when it might lead you to something good.”