A Sydney Pre-wedding photoshoot is not usual for an Ango-saxon couple, but Jamie and Rick needed a special day out to celebrate their unique story. They first met briefly in 2006 while Rick was a patient in a military medical centre and Jamie was his nurse. It took until early 2014 for their paths to cross again on an Army promotion course where they became firm friends. Following the course, Rick had just ended a long term relationship and Jamie was hurt during the breakdown of her current relationship.

Both being Sydney based, their continued friendship germinated to an attraction. Rick knew from early on that Jamie was the one, although she was wary of being hurt again. It was only months later during a holiday together to Thailand and then the shared hardship of a half marathon that their love truly blossomed.

Rick proposed on Valentines Day 2015 on the steps of the Opera House. Jamie said she feels truly blessed to have found her perfect partner, best friend and partner in crime.

She and Rick could not be happier as they now plan their wedding and life together as one.

Here’s a glimpse into Jamie and Ricks romantic Pre-Wedding photoshoot as they have fun dressing up and exploring Sydney’s many wonderful landmarks.

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