Sydney Wedding – City

Bill and Joanne chose to have a Sydney wedding both being city dwellers. The reception was held down in the marina with beautiful views of the Sydney Harbour.

There is nothing quite like a Sydney wedding because of the consistently great weather.

There was a lot of anticipation from family and guests leading up to Joanne and Bill’s wedding. They had only been waiting 10 years for this day. But as Joanne said in her speech, while it was a long time coming for everyone else, for Joanne and Bill there was no doubt that this day would happen…eventually. Despite all the jokes (mostly along the lines of “You took your time…”) the day had a bittersweet note as well.

Joanne’s family had suffered a number of losses during the preceding years, most notably her younger brother James. This is why Joanne and Bill decided to do a “First Look” before the wedding ceremony at the cemetery where James was buried. This was a beautiful location to see each other for the first time in total seclusion and afterwards to visit James’ grave and place a bouquet that their florist had made especially for the occasion.

It was wonderful to start the day with such a poignant moment as the rest of the day was very hectic.

As a Sydney wedding venue, the Maritime Museum was a hit. The food was amazing, the view was stunning and being Sydney Harbour, of course there were fireworks to celebrate the wedding that everyone claimed to have organised but really were just a lucky coincidence.

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Testimonials From Joanne & Bill


I have heard so many horror stories and meeting Samantha I felt straight away that she would look after us and make sure we got a good end result. Bill felt it too. Leaving the first meeting with Sam, Bill said to me, “She’s our photographer.”

Wedding Joanne & Bill Naulu


I found out that photographers are more than people who take photos. The right photographer will look after you and make sure you are comfortable and calm you down when your heart is pumping a hundred miles an hour and you are thinking of doing a runner!

Wedding Bill Naulu

Sam really took the time to get to know us as a couple. In the first meeting she spent very little time talking about herself and her services and products. She asked us questions, told us a bit about herself and her background and really got to understand what was important to us for our wedding day and our photos.

Wedding Joanne & Bill