Joanne had many close family members who had passed away, she was a little worried about how emotional the wedding day would be. The First Look in the cemetery turned out to be a perfect location – private, secluded and quiet and she got to visit family graves.
The florist found out about the First Look beforehand and had made a bouquet for the grave to match Joanne’s wedding flowers. A beautiful surprise.

Here’s a few of their responses to a Q&A on Joanne and Bill’s First Look.
Bill did you have any reservations about doing a First Look?
No, seeing the bride for the first time at the altar is not a Fijian tradition so I was open to it.  Jo explained it to me and I thought it was a good idea.

Joanne what was it like as you arrived and you could see the back of Bill but not his face?
I was surprised about how nervous I was. It is a bit of a surreal moment. You know what you are there for but it’s hard to know how to feel at the same time.

Was the First Look a special moment in your wedding day Bill?
It was nice to have the time by ourselves and be able to take time out with each other and relax. The rest of the day you are worrying about everyone else.

Joanne, was the First Look a special moment in your wedding day?
Definitely. Everyone tells you the day will go fast and it did. Bill and I didn’t really get any time alone during the rest of the day so this was a really special moment for us and one of the best memories I have of the day.

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First Look Testimonials From Joanne & Bill