A secluded cemetery surrounded by breathtaking rainforest is where Damien and Kristen choose to have their First Look. As an observer it was an incredibly romantic experience to witness. However, I had no idea on what their experience of the event was. Read their individual accounts of their experience of their First Look.

Here’s a few of their responses to a Q&A on Kirsten and Damien’s First Look.

Damien why did you choose to do a first look?

Sam explained that it was popular in America for a number of reasons, but the one reason that attracted me the most was that it provided an opportunity for us to meet each other in a calm, private environment and settle our nerves before the big event. From the moment of the ceremony onwards we would be in public view, and probably very busy talking to people and enjoying ourselves, right through to the end of the night. Having the first look promised us some quiet time together, to reassure ourselves that it was all going well and that the day would be as amazing as we’d hoped for. 

Kristen what was it like as you walked towards Damien?

I thought it was fun to be able to creep up on him and know that this was going to be a surprise for him.  

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Testimonials From Kristen & Damien