The First Look – Berowra Waters New South Wales

Jason and Nicole choose the hotel garden at the hotel in Berowa Waters New South Wales, where Nicole was staying in preparation for getting ready the next morning.

The hotel had a beautiful little garden with gazebo that allowed a private moment for Nicole’s First Look’ with her Dad and later then with Jason.

Unfortunately, approximately 5 minutes before the First Look was to commence it started to rain. With a wet weather plan in place we had chosen an area right next to the garden that allowed for privacy whilst still staying out of the rain.

They completed a Q and A on their First Look experience. Here are a few of their responses.

We decided to go with the first look as the concept of seeing each other prior to the ceremony ready to head to the alter as “our Moment” appealed to us

I guess initially you think you shouldn’t see each other prior to the ceremony but we soon realised that it was more important to have that moment alone and we loved it.

You can share in their First Look images below, both very moving moments.

Read Nicole & Jason's full Q and A here

First Look Testimonials From Nicole & Jason

The First Look with Dad was so emotional too, seeing him tear up as he saw me for the first time, looking so proud and it was a really special moment that is captured in some fabulous shots.

First Look – Nicole Eyles

While the moment of the First Look was special, and reading a love letter Nicole had written made me think of why we were here, I found it more of a catalyst to allow us to enjoy the other special moments of the day. The First Look moment was made special because it started our wedding together, not as two individuals turning up in isolation to marry each other. The moment we were together for the first time ready to get to become husband and wife was the most special.

First Look – Jason Eyles