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So you decided to have your pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris. But what locations should you choose. Here I share some of my favourite Paris pre-wedding locations.

The best location for a Pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris is usually determined by where to find the best light, avoiding tourists, and including iconic landmarks into your photos. These are my five favourite Paris locations for a pre-wedding shoot during the summer.

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1. Trocadero

Best at sunrise and late in the evening

Light: In summer the light is beautiful here at sunrise with the sun rising in the left hand side of the camera when facing the Eiffel Tower. I like to get here a full hour prior to sunrise to get a few shots before the sun rises and then the beautiful sunrise.

Tourists: This location becomes a crazy hive a tourists and local vendors selling trinkets from 8am till midnight in summer. Whilst it has a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower at night it is difficult due to the number of people throughout this location.

View: There is no better place to have your photo with the Eiffel Tower. This is the most iconic location for any Paris Pre-Wedding photos.

2. Pont Alexandre III

Best at sunset and twilight

Light: Sunset and twilight provide some beautiful skies with an Eiffel Tower backdrop.

Tourists: Tourists are not usually an issue at this location. Whilst cycling and Segway tours often pass over and around the bridge there is always locations to get a photo.

View: This location provides views of the Seine River and the distant Eiffel Tower. The bridges’ extravagant architecture is why most couples choose this as a photo location.

3. Louvre Courtyard

Best at sunrise, sunset, and in the evening

Light: Sunset falls in the direction of the Eiffel Tower providing some of the best light in Paris. The golden hues of the light bounce around the U-shaped sandstone buildings of Louvre Palace. At night the Louvre Palace and Pyramid are lit and provide an amazing location for night photos in Paris.

Tourists: Busy after 9am through to 11pm during summer. Tuesdays are the best day to visit as the Louvre Museum is closed and therefore there are less people in the vicinity of the Louvre Pyramid. Even late in the evening this location is often used by many Pre-Wedding photographers and their couples and you may have to wait a short time to use specific photo locations.

View: The Louvre Palace and Pyramid with a distant Eiffel Tower are the key highlights of this location. The ornate lamp posts with in courtyard add further reasons to shoot in this location.

4. Tuilleries Garden

Best either opening time in the morning or late in the afternoon

Light: In the late afternoon the light filters through the garden towards the Louvre buildings making a great backdrop to your photos.

Tourists: Best early morning (see opening hours of the park), although due to the huge size of the gardens there is always space to take a photo without tourists being much of a problem. If you want to take some photos with the gardens deserted come at opening time in the morning.

View: There are some distant views of the Eiffel Tower however the gardens are the reason to visit this stunning location.

5. Bir Hakeim Bridge

Best in the afternoon

Light: Great in the afternoon and a really good wet weather location. In the afternoon the light filters through the metal colonnades and masonry arches of this famous bridge.

Tourists: Tourists are not usually an issue at this location. Photographers flock to this location with their couples and you will often have to wait for a turn for your photo at the popular spots.

View: There is a clean view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River however the leading lines created by the colonnades are this locations’ greatest asset.

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