What to do if it Rains on your Wedding Day?

What to do if it rains on your wedding day

Rain on your Wedding Day - Disaster or Not?

This all depends on what planning you have done leading up to the wedding. In this blog post we cover dealing with rain for the wedding ceremony, wedding reception and the impact on your wedding photos.

So the first things you need to ask are:

1. Is my ceremony being held outdoors?

2. Is my reception being held outdoors?

3. Have I hired an experienced wedding photographer?

Wedding Ceremony - Rainy Day Solutions

Hopefully if you have chosen a outdoor ceremony you have a backup location organised in case of rain. If not, try to organise one now. This could include a local hall (many will allow you to place a deposit only and then pay the rest if you need to use their location). Alternatively, if you are getting ready in a hotel that has a conference room or other venue rooms, you can speak to the hotel in advance to organise a similar arrangement. Many hotels will even offer the service for free as they know many guests will remain after the ceremony to have drinks at the bar, while the photographer is photographing the bridal party. Thirdly you can either purchase or hire an outdoor marquee.

Wedding sign nailed to a tree in a forest

Wedding Reception - Rainy Day Solutions

Having an alternate venue for a wedding reception in case of rain is essential. Whilst last minute arrangements can be made to accomodate rain during the ceremony, the reception requires a solid plan prior in order to deal with rain on your wedding day. A large marquee or a secondary venue that has been booked are you best options. The problem with a secondary venue means that you will need to make a lot of last minute changes inc catering unless the alternate venue is on-site. A large marquee is the easiest, and to be honest I would recommend all outdoor weddings have some substantial amount of cover available so that you don’t need to make any changes in case of rain.

Outdoor wedding reception with pretty hanging lights overhead

Wedding Photography - Rainy Day Solutions

Finally, what many brides worry about is what happens to the wedding photos when it is raining. The answer is that all experienced and technical competent wedding photographers won’t have any problems working with rain. In fact we will do a little Irish jig as we love the rain and the photographic opportunities that can present themselves on a rainy day. We also keep a number of specialised wedding umbrellas (a set of beautiful clear or white bell shaped) for such a day. These allow us to get some stunning wedding images in the rain. If you are more adventurous and willing to brave the rain, we can offer some unique photo opportunities if you are not afraid of getting a little wet. Secondly, we will have back-up locations in mind that we can take wedding photos if the rain is more like a deluge.

A bride and groom kissing under a umbrella on their wedding day